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Attracta Support November 18, 2013 Forums / Announcements

We have released a new version of the Attracta plugin for our partners that have updated to cPanel 11.40. The plugin will automatically update itself to the latest version, but if the update has not yet reached your web server the new plugin can be manually installed by issuing the following commands via SSH as root:

wget -N www.attracta.com/static/download/cpanel-install

sh cpanel-install

If any errors are received during the upgrade process, please let us know and we can assist you as soon as possible.

David Koston January 03, 2013 Knowledge Base / Release Notes

Attracta has released an update to our SEO and Marketing Tools software for cPanel/WHM. This update includes many user experience improvements as well as added features and updates for stability.

New Features

  • cPanel users can now link a single Attracta account to multiple cPanel hosting accounts
  • Attracta SEO Apps will be installed in under 1 hour
  • Updated user interfaces around account login, password reset, account creation
  • Hosts have a utility to refresh all revenue tracking data on the server (/usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/attracta/scripts/ensure_site_links.pl)


  • App Store applications have been updated to provide additional protection against conflicts with AJAX (mod_fastinclude 1.3)
  • Plugin updates no longer require separate download (/usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/attracta/scripts/update-attracta)
  • Plugin updates can be automated.
  • Better interaction with robots.txt files (ensuring new lines are added, ability to remove our sitemap lines remotely for cancelled acounts)


Updating to 2.29

For those customers who were using Attracta version 2.23 and up, you may have been updated to Attracta 2.29 already via a cPanel update. The version of Attracta running on the system is available at /var/cpanel/attracta/version or at the bottom of Attracta's WHM interface.


To update to the latest Attracta, you can run the following commands via SSH as root:

wget -N www.attracta.com/static/download/cpanel-install

sh cpanel-install


Next Release

This release sets the stage for Attracta's next major update 2.30 which will bring a number of great features including SEO App installs within 1 minute, the ability for customers who create an Attracta account anywhere to have it automatically linked to their cPanel account for use with FastInclude features and SEO apps, improved handling of sitemaps, improvements around support for cloned/vps deployments, and improvements around user onboarding.


Support and Feedback

If you have any issues with updating to 2.29, or wish to provide us with feedback on the release or anything we do, please contact us by clicking on the help link in your Attracta account. Partners will automatically be sent into our priority support queue when contacting us via this link.